"The program offered by SAMI is superb - providing pilots with realistic in-flight scenarios while exposing them to a range of hypoxic experiences. I commend SAMI - this training could save your life."
Dr. Jonathan M. Sackier, Surgeon, Instrument Rated Pilot

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Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine and Aviation Training Programs

Welcome to the Southern AeroMedical Institute. Our comprehensive center addresses a wide diversity of applications from clinical medicine to advanced high altitude physiological training.  Founded in 1999, our state of the art Hyperbaric/Hypobaric Chamber has now provided over 38,000 patient treatments and trained over 2,700 pilots in the high altitude chamber. SAMI is the home of “ Scenario Based Physiological Training” where over 1400 pilots have undergone specialized training with the successful integration of flight simulators within the chamber to achieve the most realistic training available today. Depending upon your needs please take the time to explore the many diverse resources the SAMI has available to offer. CorpPlane